Paramount Pretty’s Return Of The EX Spoiler Alert!!! Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons link back up Again!!!!……Ouh Wee!

Angela went from being glorified in Yo Gotti’s theme song “DM”to being engaged to long time boyfriend  Sutton Tennyson. Things seemed like they fell apart when Angela Simmons became pregnant and engaged to long time suitor Sutton Tennyson. Tension spiraled down from their friendship because Romeo Miller had no clue Angela was engaged. After dating Tennyson , Angela decided to tie the knot and give birth to a baby boy named Sutton Joseph named after his Father. Everything seemed  good in “Growing Up Hip Hop World” until the relationship began to tear apart  in early April. Problems appeared early on while reports of domestic abuse were found. Tennyson reportedly stalked Angela and harassed her in the past. Which lead us to think why would a woman as  beautiful as Angela Simmons date him. Looked like Romeo Miller still had a  soft spot in  his heart for Ms. Simmons. Rumors began to stir up in the pot that Angela and Romeo were an item again. Who knows, Paramount Dolls will always investigate the crime scene. Until then keep your noses clean. Subscribe to my blog all my Paramount Pretty Dolls and Guys!

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