Paramount Pretty’s High Heel Chronicles, Hot sex With Your Mate!

download (3)This is not for your average, only for the experienced and well seasoned. I wanted to share this little secret encounter that occured  between me and my other half the other night.  It  was  around 2am  in the morning. The temperature was blazing on the Island in Mexico. We were sharing Magaritas by the cabana stand. The sand was whiter than snow and felt like hot coals on my feet. My handsome beau slowly pulled my skirt down that revealed my hot pink bikini exposing my round sun kissed derriere. Slowly hand gripped my waist and pulled me tightly to his mid section of kelvin Klein Jeans. Skin to skin he removed his shirt. Sucked my bottom lip outrageously and picked me up like a bag of groceries. Ring check on aisle nine please! Before you know it we were on top of table.  It was like something that came from a Zane Book. He untied my bikini and before you know he had a magarita diet on his face. “Oh don’t stop”! I think we were so loud we woke the residents. A short old Hispanic woman ran outside! “Are you ok, I heard someone screaming!”  “Mam are you ok”? Yes, I mumered , I embarassly put on my Dallas Cowboys towel to cover my breast. “I had an accident, I’m ok! The whole time my man was hiding under the table giggling! How are you gonna leave me hanging like that? ” I asked him, How do two mature adults get caught making out. What happened to privacy? I don’t mean to go overboard, but who is really awake at 2am on a Tuesday morning. Long story short my fantasy ended when I awoke to aloud banging of pans in my ear. My  seven year old son woke me up to make him pancakes! Hold it now! I can’t believe the whole entire time I was dreaming. I really started to think I was in Mexico, but I just remembered my son was playing in the sand box earlier. The little Bill look alike left a sand trail behind for me to clean. So while I’m dreaming I’m feeling the after effects of the sand. The magarita I was drinking turned out to be my  leftover slushy from the Citgo down the street. OK, you can lead a horse to water but you cant’ make them drink it! The honest point of my  story is I am built like a stallion, so I do get some points.  Just another adventure of Paramount Pretty’s World! “Keeping It Hot For You”!

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